Hand Made полка и Китайский шуруповерт LomVum на LiIon 21V

Шуруповерт LomVum 21v
История о том как я собрал полку и как мне в этом помог китайский шуруповерт, а так же мысли о выборе электроинструмента. И почему китайский LomVum.

Краткие характеристики:
● With LED light for dimly lit areas
● Forward and reverse switch for controlling precession and backout of screws
● Automatically adsorbs screws, can easily finish the job in deep holes places
● The 21N.M torque setting offers optimum control
● Cooling vents prolong the service life of the machine effectively
● Adjust speed according to the strength of pressing the switch
● Maximum clamp capacity: 10mm
● High precision secure quick change chuck
● High-density dust-proof shell with anti-skid pattern for comprehensive protection of the fuselage
● Non-slip handle, not easy to fall off
● Powered by 2 x 1300mAh lithium-ion batteries (included)

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