Puxing PX-508 Тест раций — дальность связи

Тестируем Puxing PX-508 на полигоне Метатроныча
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Водонепроницаемая рация PX508 стандарт IP67
400-470МГц, 16 каналов и 5Вт мощности.
Отличный трансивер для активного отдыха, рыбалки, охоты и прочего страйкбола.
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Краткие характеристики:
Frequency range: UHF 400 — 470MHz
Working temperate: — 20 — 50 Deg.C
Operating voltage: DC 7.4V
Dimension: 11 x 5 x 3.5cm (Not included antenna)
Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion battery (included in package)
Antenna impendence: 50ohm
Channels: 16
Supporting non-standard CTCSS Input
Voice reporting number function
VOX sensitivity setting (1 — 9 level adjustable)
PTT ID transmit mode optional
Busy lockout
Squelch level setting
CTCSS setting
Wide / narrow band selection
Transmit end prompt
Side key definable function
Channel scan function
Low battery alert
Battery saver
Battery level voice prompt
Output power: Less than 5W
Channel spacing: 25KHz
Modulate mode: Frequency modulate
Modulation distortion: Less than or equal to 5 percentage
Sensitivity: Less than or equal to — 120dBm
Audio distortion: Less than or equal to 5 percentage
Common channel inhibition: Greater than or equal to 8dB

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